Asya Abdullah: Peace will not be achieved in Syria as long as Turkey occupies our territories

The annual general meeting of Kongra Star held in the town of Rumilan, Girke Lege district continues, with the participation of representatives from Kongra Star in the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

Kongra Star Coordination Asya Abdullah delivered the opening speech at the meeting.

Asya Abdullah congratulated the beginning of the annual meeting, and called for expanding the organization and escalating the struggle during the coming year to ensure the protection of the gains of the people and the martyrs.

Abdullah touched during her speech on the state of war, conflicts, and attacks against the Middle East, “The Middle East, which is the cradle of civilizations and cultures, is today subject to major attacks on the military, social, cultural and political levels. All the problems that the societies of the Middle East face are the result of the authoritarian mentality that works against life. The cohesion and the will of the people, and these powers were the reason for dividing peoples, suppressing freedoms, and oppressing women.

She also praised the struggle of free women and peoples to counter these attacks, “today women are leading the forefront of the struggle in the Middle East against agreements, dangers and attacks.”

Asya Abdullah called on all the struggle to escalate the struggle, work and organization in order to confront “the internal and external mistakes that we are exposed to, which aim to erase our will.” It also called for the escalation of resistance in the spirit and will of coexistence, the brotherhood of peoples to protect “the gains of our people.”

The Turkish occupation seeks to dismantle the democratic system and the threat of ISIS remains

Member of Kongra Star Coordination Asya Abdullah referred to the Turkish state’s efforts to revive ISIS mercenaries in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and said in this regard “Turkey is determined to dismantle the democratic system in our regions, so the threat of ISIS against our people still exists. Turkey practices various forms of violations and attacks against our people; it practices violence and killing against women, children, and humanity, and it seeks to change the demography of Syria, and resettle the families of ISIS mercenaries in the homes of our people.

Peace will not be achieved in Syria as long as Turkey continues to occupy our territories

Asya Abdullah said that the way to achieve peace and democracy in Syria is linked to the exit of the Turkish occupation from the Syrian lands. In this regard, she called on the effective powers to fulfill their responsibilities to bring out the Turkish occupation.

In this regard, she added, “All forces that claim to seek to resolve the Syrian crisis must work to end Turkish practices. In this regard, we say to Russia, which is present on our soil under agreements on protecting the Syrian territorial integrity, that it is its duty to protect the Syrian people by stopping and ending the Turkish occupation.”

We must reach decisions that guarantee the protection of our people, especially women

Asya Abdullah called on all societies to work for reaching decisions that guarantee “the protection of our people, especially women, in the face of all the risks that we are exposed to. We need to achieve national unity to protect the gains of the Kurdish people and spread peace.”

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