From Philippines to France, a message for Woman’s Revolution: “Victory is certain”

European women expressed their solidarity with the Women’s Revolution in Rojava on the occasion of March 8th, saying: “We support and salute the struggle of women, Rojava Revolution is the only in the world that allowed women to establish their revolution.”

The Women’s Revolution in North and East Syria included all segments of society, and the peoples of many countries of the world are following it with great interest, just as the melody of the women’s  revolution is heard in the Philippines and Franc

Coni Ledesma from France and Sylvie Jan from the Philippines stated that every success of women in north and east Syria is a source of strength and success for women around the world.

The International Representative of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) , Coni Ledesma, and the President of the Kurdistan Support Association in France, Sylvie Jan, spoke to our agency on the occasion of March 8th “International Women’s Day” and sent a message to the women of north and east Syria.

Kurdish women are brave

Coni Ledesma stated that Kurdish women are courageous, and that their positions are a problem for the occupying Turkish state, and she said: “The Turkish state aims to eliminate women, and this is a bad thing that must be condemned, and there must be solidarity with them. Kurdish women are very strong, so they are always targeted, and they think that by killing, raping and attacking them, they will be able to intimidate them and stop their struggle, but this opens the door for women to strengthen their struggle.”

About the silence on the attacks launched against the Kurds and people in north and east Syria, Coni Ledesma said: “The government remains silent about the attacks, or it wants to remain silent. It does not want to recognize the strength of Kurdish women, but we see the struggle of women in north-east Syria for their freedom and society, we support, appreciate them, and we wish them success. Without a doubt they will prevail.”

Coni Ledesma stressed that the women and peoples of the region must resist the attacks in order to defend themselves, their land and their gains. She said: “We are also responsible for expanding the struggle. We must work hard for the struggle, organizing and making the people aware of what is happening in the region.”

We are with you and we support you

On the occasion of the 8th of March “International Women’s Day”, Coni called on all women of the world to struggle for their rights, not only in the areas of north and east Syria or in the Kurdish areas, adding, “All over the world women suffer from violence, so we must struggle against for our rights, and for the sake of Kurdish women, especially this is the biggest war because it threatens their land and countries. We support you and we will do everything we can for you.”

Woman’s Revolution is the only; Revolution of North and East Syria

In turn, the President of the Kurdistan Association in France, Sylvie Jan, expressed her solidarity with the women of north and east Syria on the occasion of March 8th, and said: “The revolution in north and east Syria is great, as it is the only revolution that allowed women to build their revolution. When women share their ideas and express their opinions, the world changes, and this is what is ongoing in Rojava; therefore, the democratic revolution there is disturbing the great powers. We are witnessing the attacks of Erdogan and his associates, such as ISIS, against the people of Rojava, and these attacks pose a threat to the Middle East and to the future of women as well.”

Kurds represent the force for peace in the Middle East

Sylvie said that they were among the first French associations that supported Rojava, and stood in solidarity with it during the Kobani resistance, noting: “We must expand our solidarity with the women of Rojava, and those trying to undermine the democratic experience there must understand that the Kurdish forces are forces for peace in the Middle East. This is important for Europe as well.”

Sylvie called on the French government and European authorities to support the people of north and east Syria, and to always recognize their positions, struggle and heroic resistance in the war against ISIS.

The President of the Kurdistan Association in France, Sylvie Jan, indicated that they consider the Revolution of North and East Syria as a hope for the whole world, adding: “Women are brave and have a great future, and they are role models for all women of the world because when women present their projects in the long, medium and short term, we see that their results are positive. All the victories of Rojava women are a source for the women of the world. They are under threat, and this means that we are also under threat. We see ourselves as members of the same nation, so together we can make the world more humane.”

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