Statement of Kongra Star for World Peace Day

Declaration for the World Peace Day September 1

The day on which we celebrate the International Day of Peace is very important for our struggle for freedom. It is an important day on which we turn to all the peoples of the world, and especially to women, to celebrate this day together.

On this day, we also want to remember our fallen friends who honorably proved to the world that society is defended by women on the basis of love and security, peace and democracy.

Many wars are raging in the world today, in which the rights of others are violated. Peace is the water that puts out the flames of war. It must be taken into account that peace is one of the most important areas of life and is not only a political issue, but also starts from inner peace. Everyone must carry spiritual peace within themself because it has a positive effect on society and the nation, because it is not only a word but an action, living together in the understanding of love and peace.

Under the harsh war conditions in which the region lives, and despite everything that the people of the region are going through, the thought and philosophy of Abdullah Ocalan has enabled them to build a strong political foundation and a roadmap to peace and freedom for a democratic and free society. It is the project of a democratic nation in which all components live in security and peace, because peace cannot be built without the existence of democracy, because peace and democracy are in cooperation and their goal is the well-being and security of all.

The role of women has not remained hidden from anyone in the region, where society by nature calls for peace and has set it as a fundamental goal for their struggle and protection. The mentality that leads to wars and conflicts between people has always been in the minds of men in the world, so it is up to women and their work to achieve the full realization of a society based on peace and democracy in order to realize a peaceful and democratic Syria.

Kongra Star Coordination Rojava

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