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NEW BROCHURE: “Shengal between the jaws of the annihilation”

Throughout history, Yezidis have been subjected to numerous massacres, beginning in the nineteenth century, ranging from the Anfal operation to the Sinjar massacre. Throughout their long history, they have been subjected to seventy-three genocides, the last of which was committed by the terrorist organisation ISIS. It was described as genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Yezidis. This genocide took place after the war between ISIS and the Kurdistan region in northern Iraq began. On August 3, 2014, the organization stormed the Shengal region to expand their area of influence, after the Peshmerga forces withdrew suddenly and without any resistance, leaving its people facing their inevitable fate. Tens of thousands of people were forced to flee to Sinjar mountain for fear of the ISIS brutality and were trapped there for several days, where many of them died there because of hunger, thirst, and disease while the rest fell at the hands of ISIS. Today, six years after of this massacre, we are publishing the dossier Shengal between the jaws of the annihilation.

Six years after the genocide and femicide on the Yezidis to not forget this date and to review shortly what has been done until now and what are the demands on the state of Iraq and the international community.

Here you have the English versions, available to read, download and share.


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