Special warfare as an instrument of domination and oppression

Analysis on special warfare especially in the context of occupation and war against Northern and Eastern Syria, written by Ruken Ahmed, member of Diplomatic Relations of Kongra Star.

Special warfare is known to be an instrument of domination and oppression, waged on society, against all forms of struggle and resistance of the people, until society and people surrender and are without their own free will. It’s goal is to transform the morals, ideas and ideology of society.

Special warfare is known by many names (psychological warfare, cold warfare, soft warfare, brainwashing). Why is it known by these names? Because when the word “war” is used, bloodshed, violence and murder comes to mind. But, on the contrary, this war uses all possible methods except physical violence, and this puts people at risk, because they don’t realize that there is a special war upon them and from whom and how they get struck. Often under the influence of this type of war they become themselves instruments that serve the goal of the enemy

Looking at the history of the implementation of these methods in wars, we can not say it is a new method, because the war to brainwash and enslave has an ancient history. But we can say that this method of warfare changes its methods according to the conditions of that time and according to the necessities of that process. We can find one of the examples in the beginning of war when through this kind of methods human minds are brought into submission and they take away the diversity of organisation from society.

We can say that in the times of nation building, the method that was used to bring society under the control of the ruling class, to consolidate its power, and to expand its territory and gain the products of other countries was to give rise to all military warfare, colonialism, and occupation. The instrument of this warfare were both light weapons and heavy weapons. Those wars made the history of mankind pay a heavy price, this warfare was in the interests of the rulers. Even though, against occupation, domination, and oppression there was also continuous legitimate self-defense, struggle and resistance.

After the first and second world wars in which all humanity was sacrificed by millions, the hegemonic and capitalist states found themselves facing the power, and will of the people and that they would no longer be able to extend their lifespan and impose their rule to gain their interests. So all the they had to do was put all the instruments that people can use such as science, technology, sports, health, sexuality,etc. under their control.

All of this is to change the human mind and divert them from their main goal, and to hold them busy with meaningless things, so that the human being does not become a freeperson, and everyone is doomed to have someone else rule them. Its therefore that the capitalist states do not want to see our region develop and progress to a level of autonomy.

If our area is self-reliant and self-governing, what reasons would they have to invade our region?

Therefore the hegemonic states work to bring civil war to the region, wars of racism, of religious fanaticism, of sexism and division between the constituents of that region. These are all methods of special warfare. They don’t intervene directly, but let people fight each other, so that the society becomes an opponent to itself, which leads to the society becoming small and divided. They can then easily enter the region and present themselves as the savior of the people, so that even the people rejoice at their coming and don’t see the occupation for what it truly is. That’s why it is also called soft war!

We have seen this, in these last ten years of war in Syria, from the beginning they started a proxy war, but today it is clear that all nation states have a hand in prolonging the Syrian crisis, but is there really no solution to the Syrian crisis? No, its not like that. We see that states have their own interests in Syria and they are at the table of resolving the Syrian crisis, without the participation or the will of the people. But the project of solving the Syria situation has already be realised, the project of a democratic nation and a democratic autonomous administration.

So far this project has been implemented on the ground, but politically these states do not approve of it, because this project would remove all the conflicts in society, and it will create a strong alliance within the society, all of this won’t be to the service of the hegemonic capitalist states.

Therefore by whatever means they want to build internal conflicts, by means of assassinations and killing of well known personalities in the society and by getting unknown persons under their influence through coercion and collaboration. This leads to the creation of suspicion & ambiguity in the society and to place the blame on the few which results in conflict and disintegration of the organisation.

We have seen how in the matter of Kurdish unity and it’s alliance, that many parties and states have sought to undermine this coordination, they have conducted meetings with the Arabs to disrupt the alliance of peoples in this region.

It will weaken because of smallness and fragmentation, if the individuals and society do not have a deep and strong ideology. They will easily fall under the influence of this war, and a war that finds no external enemy, will turn on itself and develop into a civil war. If the components of the region and the members of this region who implement the project of democratic nation don’t believe in this project, they themselves will become instruments for the enemy to reach their goal. Therefore Abdullah Öcalan says: “More than paying attention to the enemy, I devote all my life and my time to develop ideological and free personalities, because when the personality is constructive and ideological, the enemy won’t be able to get a foothold. The people that put up the resistance in the prisons made an ideological resistance, until they became the most sacred values in our revolution. The enemy waged all forms of special warfare on their bodies and psychology, but self knowledge and knowledge of the enemy are the instruments of protection from all forms of genocide, destruction, elimination and invasion of the soul, body and mind.”

Also in the war today we actually came across many forms of occupation, as it is known ISIS insurgency appeared to be a colonial war, but in itself it included many methods of special warfare. For example using the name of religion to recruit more people and escalate the civil war, also in killing in the name of religion to give Islam a bad connotation. All these behaviors which ISIS used where methods of special warfare, the beheading, burning, mass killings and specially the methods used against women, the abductions, the trafficking and the rape which were spread on social networks and media were used to instill fear and terror in the hearts and minds of people, so when they enter a city, without any resistance or struggle, the whole city becomes empty. But because our people where organised, they managed to overcome all this processes.

But today we see the methods of the fascist Turkish state are using the same methods as ISIS, which is the targeting of women in the most brutal way and the use of all inhumane practices, especially on organized and influential women in society. All this in order to instill fear in women, so that women do not play their leading role in society. Specially after them, playing a key role in building a political, ecological, and democratic society in the revolutions of Rojava and North and East Syria, the Turkish statesought to break the will of women in these barbaric ways for them to surrender so that the patriarchal and dominant system can maintain.

We have mentioned some special methods of warfare, but many other methods are being used secretly. As it is known, people take care of the enemy and protect themselves from them, but they trust their friends – this is also a way that the enemy uses to infiltrate our institutions with its agents, MIT members and intelligence services. Their aim is to create and spread corruption, discrimination and serious conflicts so that the people are busy with each other and distrust, disintegration, and dispersal grows. In recent times many people got exposed by our intelligence service. In such times its important to be careful and vigilant because the enemy wont be careless. Also the society must be vigilant.

Our revolution is a revolution of morals, with the goal of building a personality and a society of equality, justice, democracy, and freedom. This does not depend on the ruling states, neither the Ba’athist regime, nor the Turkish state and its allies, nor the hegemonic states, until the point where they try to work in the society to change its morals.

These unwelcome changes include the distribution of drugs among young people that influences the dynamics of society and its future, the use of objectification of women by opening brothels in areas under Turkish occupation, the use of media and social networks to slur the parties, institutions and individuals that work in this project. Also the use of the COVID-19 pandemic by capitalist systems, designed to overthrow the economies of some states and to expand the hegemony of other states. The COVID-19 virus was able to become a pandemic because of capitalist modernity, and nation-states will protect us from it only as far as it serves their interests. But the body is not so much being targeted as the mind is. So much that as soon as people know that the virus exists, suddenly they are not anymore able to resist. Because there is so much psychological warfare, people are left without energy, strength and morale.

Finally everyone needs to strengthen themselves ideologically, be organized, be integrated with their community and strengthen the alliances of the people in the region, especially in the face of all recent events in the region, in order to protect the mind before the body. Especially following all the recent events in Deirez-Zor and Raqqa that could blackmail us into civil warand aim to disintegrate our alliance, we need to be confident of our projcet.

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