Though violations against women in occupied territories documented, organizations are silent

This came in a statement the Preparatory Committee for the campaign (No to occupation and extermination, together we protect women and life), issued to public opinion.

The text of the preparatory committee statement is:

All women’s organizations and movements in northern and eastern Syria continue their activities to confront the violence practiced against women for thousands of years, by the ruling regimes that dealt with a policy of marginalization with all issues in which women were the victims, as well as the occupation’s legalization of inhuman and immoral practices against women in all regions it occupied.

In this way, the regime is the main supporter of the violations of the Turkish state, as the male society has received its share of persecution, thus exposing all its efforts to implement the most severe degrees of violence against women.

We live in the third millennium AD, and women are still struggling throughout history and their resistance to obtain their rights and live freely and safely in the face of the violations of the occupation zones and their mercenaries (kidnapping, rape and murder…)

According to the limited capabilities of the Council for Women’s Justice in North and East Syria, some of them were documented: (56) murder cases, (23) rape cases, (26) suicides, (11) kidnappings, (24) cases of harassment.

In the Center for Research and Protection of Women’s Rights in Syria, the cases of violations committed by the occupation were documented as follows (88) murder cases, (140) kidnappings, (479) cases of beating and abuse.

Despite all of this, the international community remains silent and does not move a finger, knowing that the slogans advocated by human rights and international organizations, especially the United Nations, bear witness to what is being committed, especially since we nowadays coincide with the International Human Rights Day. It makes it more appropriate for organizations and stakeholders to protect and defend these rights.

We, in the women’s organizations and movements in north and east Syria, pledge to continue our struggle and activities, and to make every day of our struggle a day to combat violence against women.

We call on the international community with all its human rights and civil organizations to fulfill their duty to protect the rights of every woman who has been and continues its to violation in all its forms and dimensions.

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