Kongra Star statement on the use of chemical weapons by the fascist Turkish state

To the media and public opinion

The fascist Turkish state, which is unable to enforce its technique against the freedom guerrillas in its occupation attacks in the media defense areas, is trying to achieve results with chemical weapons. The People’s Defense Forces (HPG) announced yesterday that 17 guerrillas were martyred by chemical weapons attacks in Zap and Avaşin.
We as Kongra Star condemn this latest example of the brutality of the fascist Turkish state with great severity and anger. We remember the 17 freedom fighters with love and devotion and offer our condolences to the families of the fallen. In view of the reality of the martyrs, we repeat our promise to strengthen the struggle for freedom and to fulfill the hopes of the martyrs.
The fascist Turkish state wants to complete the genocide of the Kurdish people in the phase of the 100th anniversary of the Turkic Republic and to complete the national pact Misak-i Milli through occupation. In this context, the attacks of genocide and invaders are developing against our people, especially in Rojava and South Kurdistan. He wants to keep the Kurdish people in slavery also in the 21st century in order to destroy the identity of the free and independent Kurds.
But even the glory of all its militaristic technology cannot break the will of the Kurdish people. This fact is clearly seen in the resistance of the freedom guerrillas in the Zap, Avashin and Metina regions. The freedom fighters are making historic resistance with creative tactics, steely will, courage, heroism and self-sacrifice. Because the occupation army cannot achieve results against the guerrillas with conventional war tools and methods, it uses chemical weapons. In reality, they run away from the battlefield in this way and reveals the weakness and anger of the Turkish state towards the guerrilla war.
The fascist Turkish state has been systematically using chemical weapons since last year. The responsible institutions remain silent about the use of Hitler’s methods by the Turkish state. The use of chemical weapons is prohibited under the international laws of war, and there are supposed to be international mechanisms to implement those laws. Above all, these mechanisms and the corresponding institutions themselves are what trample the norms of war.
The Turkish state is committing war crimes before the eyes of responsible organizations such as the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Because they knowingly remain silent at the end of their dirty interests in the face of the serious crimes of the Turkish state, they themselves are responsible and guilty. Because this silence of the international organizations means that they are also accomplices of the brutal crimes of the fascist Turkish state!
As Kongra Star, we call on women, our people and all democratic forces to raise their voices and stand against the attacks of the Turkish state with banned weapons. We call on the relevant institutions to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. This means that the necessary investigations should be carried out, an independent inquiry should be launched, the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish state should be prevented and the fascist AKP-MHP regime should be prosecuted for its war crimes.

Kongra Star Council
October 19, 2022

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