Kongra Star Tribute to Mursal Nabizada

We have learned with deep grief and great anger of the brutal killing of Afghan politician Mursal Nabizada. Mursal Nabizada, 32, was elected as a member of parliament of Kabul in 2018. The parliament she, together with 68 other women, was elected to was effectively dissolved following the Taliban takeover in August 2021. Since then those who were elected have gone into hiding, many fleeing the country entirely.

Mursal Nabizada was one of the elected representatives of the Afghan people who decided not to leave the country despite risk to her life. She did not accept the Taliban’s co-optation of the people’s will, and she stayed. In a recent message she said “This country is not a restaurant, where I dislike its service and leave it, it’s my land and I would stay beside my people”.

Mursal Nabizada was an active politician and women’s rights activist. She was a long time supporter of the Revolutionary Women’s Movement of Afghanistan.

On Sunday she was assassinated in her home in Kabul. She was shot in the head and chest. We don’t think that this is a coincidence. Her mind and heart were targeted. With her murder, the misogynist regime wants to deliver a message to all women in Afghanistan who continue to resist the Taliban and struggle for a free life.

After the US Administration in its function as NATO leader handed over the control of Afghanistan to the misogynist Taliban, a war against women was summarily launched. Step by step the Taliban has excluded women and girls from the public sphere, politics, the labor market, education institutions and society itself. By doing so they want to degrade women’s life, identity and will down to a level that their existence is intended solely to obey pure male hegemony.

Women that resist this fascist regime of male supremacy and lead the resistance face a grave risk. Because they give light in the darkness, they offer hope in a time of despair, they instill courage and resilience. That is why they are targeted, tortured, imprisoned and assassinated. The Taliban think that they can break resistance and bring the freedom seeking people of Afghanistan to heel if they destroy women’s leadership in struggle.

As Kurdish women we face the same situation. The fascist Turkish state tries to break our resistance by assassinating our leading comrades. But every loss strengthens our commitment and allegiance to the women’s revolution and our struggle for a free life in a free land. In that regard, we are committed to strengthen our resistance in order to realize the hopes and dreams of our murdered comrades and leaders.

We express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mursal Nabizada and our Afghan sisters and comrades. We want you to know that your struggle is our struggle and that our resistance is for you, too. You give us hope and strength. May our women’s revolution bring you a light in the darkness.

Kongra Star

17th January 2023

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