Conclusion of the 9th General Assembly of Kongra Star

Conclusion of the 9th General Assembly of Kongra Star

The 9th General Assembly of Kongra Star was held on January 15, 2023 under the slogan “With the spirit of the struggle of the women’s revolution, we will win the women’s uprising, Jin, Jiyan, Azadi,” and was attended by 1000 delegates. Our General Assembly respectfully remembered all the martyrs of the cause of freedom including Şehid Sakîne Cansiz, Evin Goyi, Jiyan Tolhildan, Dilar Haleb, Zeyneb Sarûxan, Nagîhan Akarsel, Diya Hogir and Çiçek Harûni and promised to fulfil their dreams and hopes.

Our General Assembly commemorated all YJA-Star and HPG fighters who were martyred in the historic resistance of Zap, Metina and Avashin, and paid tribute to the guerrillas of democratic modernity who ensured that the genocidal war in the Media Defense Areas amounted to nothing. The women’s self-defense struggle led by YPJ and HPC-Jin was also welcomed, and it was decided to strengthen self-defense.

Our 9th General Assembly took place at a time when the women-led popular uprisings in Iran and Eastern Kurdistan were coming together under the slogan “Jin, Jiyan, Azadî.” Kongra Star, in remembering Jina Amini, remembered all the heroic women and young men who became martyrs in the campaign of the new resistance and the liberation of the women’s revolution, and dedicated its 9th General Assembly to them and to the resisters of the Iranian and Eastern Kurdistan people.

Women’s organizations from Iran, Afghanistan, Western Sahara, Lebanon, Europe and Latin America welcomed our General Assembly with their messages and wished us success. Our General Assembly also made a detailed assessment of the state of women’s struggles in the world, made new resolutions to build democratic relations and alliances with women’s organizations, and welcomed the resistance of women in the world.

The architect of the Jin Jiyan Azadi philosophy, leader Apo (Abdullah Ocalan), has been held in absolute isolation for 22 months. In CPT’s investigation, it was once again revealed that the Imrali isolation and torture system was established as outside the scope of law. Leader Apo is in a historical and unprecedented resistance against this fact. Our General Assembly welcomed the resistance of leader Apo against all the forces of capitalist modernity and made the decision that the campaign of ‘It is the time of freedom’ ‘Dema Azadiyye’ should reach a level that will break the İmrali system and bring about the physical freedom of leader Apo.

Our General Assembly, held on the 18th anniversary of the founding of Kongra Star, made important decisions to strengthen the women’s organization based on the annual conferences and meetings of all cantons and provinces.

The resolutions and plans of all Cantonal Conferences and Committees were approved by our General Assembly.

A special plan was issued with the awareness that no woman should remain unorganized in Rojava as well as at the level of Syria and abroad, therefore a new campaign was developed in the context of the women’s revolution. With the aim of strengthening harmony and organization in the work of Kongra Star, a new coordination consisting of 7 people was elected.

Our General Assembly took a comprehensive look at developments in our region, the Middle East and the world, and gained important insights. In the context of World War III, we are confronted with multi-faceted conflicts that present great dangers, opportunities, and historical possibilities. The former defines change as the struggle between the forces of democratic modernity and capitalist modernity.

Our meeting focused on the importance of this situation for the development of women’s freedom struggle and the implementation of women’s revolution, which became universal within the framework of Jin Jiyan Azadi.

The pursuit of women’s freedom around the world is shaped by this truth, and this has proven the power of spreading the paradigm and ideas of Leader Apo. Our coming together has renewed the duty and necessity of sharing the practical and theoretical results of the women’s revolution in Rojava and North and East Syria, first in the Middle East and with the resistant women of the world.

Our assembly has made a detailed assessment of the various attacks on our revolution and democratic system. Especially in relation to the genocidal attacks of the fascist Turkish state, the situation of women and society in the occupied territories, the policies of the regional and international state forces, our level of struggle against these attacks was evaluated. Our meeting established that it is only possible to stop the attacks of the genocidal system by strengthening the organization of women and the whole society according to the principles of the revolutionary people’s war.

Our assembly confirmed the role and mission of women’s leadership in organizing society in the context of the revolutionary people’s struggle. Once again, important decisions were made to strengthen the struggle against the strategy of colonization and denationalization and the policy of demographic change.

Another theme that our assembly emphasized was that the male-dominated state system is in the midst of an attack on the women’s revolution. The sexist ideology has started an organizational attack against women’s achievements. As a women’s movement, our struggle should be against both the violence of the state and the consciousness of the dominant male in society. Our assembly has decided on a radical struggle for a new strategic concept against all forms of violence and sexism. At the same time, important insights were gained into the ideological attacks of the capitalist modernity system through liberalism and specific policies for young women.

In the continuation of the debates of the meeting, it was clearly stated that the genocidal system is a great danger for all parts of Kurdistan and the achievements of all Kurds.

In order to protect the existing achievements and ensure a democratic status for the Kurdish people, the development of a national policy is urgently needed. In this context, the Kongra Star reiterated its duty to build a democratic national unity and called on Kurdish women in other parts of the country and abroad to take a strong stance against the attacks of the invaders and their allies. In this context, our assembly called for the 3rd National Conference of Kurdish Women.

In the 21st century, which is the century of women’s freedom, women with the leadership of the Women of Kurdistan and with the freedom formula Women-Life-Freedom have proved once again that they are and will be the leaders for the general struggle for freedom, equality and democracy in the world.

The architect of this movement, Reber Apo, who rises with unique resistance against the system of subjugation and strict isolation, is the soul of the struggle for freedom not only for the Kurdish people but for all the forces of democratic modernity, and its main source and brain.

The isolation of leader Apo, the invasion operations in guerrilla areas, the attacks on Rojava and North and East Syria and the new occupation preparations, the brutal attacks on women leaders are all developing in the context of World War III. Since these attacks are all interconnected, it is very important to develop a bipartisan, systematic, orderly and comprehensive struggle against the genocidal system.

As Kongra Star, we have reaffirmed our historic role and leadership at the 9th General Assembly.

With great determination we have defined our new program of struggle and the tasks of the time. On this basis, on the 18th anniversary of the founding of our organization, we announce the beginning of a new process of struggle and organization at the level of a new campaign.

In the context of realizing women’s revolution and liberating life with the leadership of organized women’s power, Kongra Star will definitely fulfill its current tasks.

Women life freedom! The success is ours!

Kongra Star Coordination

January 16, 2023

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