Kongra Star in the Euphrates region salutes the resistance of hunger strikers

The Kongra Star in the Euphrates region denounced the Turkish authorities’ isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan and expressed solidarity with 15 activists who declared a hunger strike to death on April 30, denouncing isolation.

The Kongra Star in the Euphrates region on Saturday issued a statement to the public expressing solidarity and support for the 15 activists who began a hunger strike to death since April 30, denouncing the isolation imposed by the Turkish authorities against leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The statement was read in the Free Woman’s Square in the city of Kobani in the presence of dozens of women by the member of Women’s Science (Jineolojî) Committee Dicle Haider.

Kongra Star condemned the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan by the Turkish authorities, and Turkey’s construction of wall around Afrin separated from its Syrian surroundings.

Kongra Star paid tribute to the hunger strikers in the Turkish prisons and a number of countries in the world, stressing that the resistance has become a culture of the Kurdish people, whose history is full of records of resistance in the face of fascists.

The statement included that hunger strikers’ activity has brought the Kurds in parts of Kurdistan and the world closer, and pointed out that the Turkish fascist state is pursuing an immoral policy aimed at annihilating the Kurds, consolidating its occupation of Kurdistan and control of the gains made in Rojava, this is clear in Afrin, where the wall is built, and the purpose of which is to stand up to the will of the people.

”15 activists going on a hunger strike to death in Turkish prisons since the first of last April indicates the beginning of a new stage in the struggle.”

In its statement, the Kongra Star saluted the hunger strikers, condemned the international silence on the hunger strike and appealed to human rights organizations to break their silence.

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