Kongra Star congratulated the victory of the hunger strike

Kongra Star in Rojava issued a statement about the end of the hunger strike after a call by Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The statement noted “we will prevail” this words were launched 200 days ago by Leyla Guven and all her comrades in prisons, in European countries and in all parts of Kurdistan, and turned into a sunbeam and a bridge to the historic resistance.” Today, this resistance has won through popular participation in the campaign” We will defeat fascism, break the isolation and free the leader, Ocalan.

“At the invitation of Ocalan, we will consider the democratic political solution as a life goal for achieving honorable peace, and we consider that the establishment of the democratic nation is our historic mission,” the statement added.

Kongra Star also hailed the “White Scarves” activities and noted that the victory of the historic resistance would open the way to great victories “to realize the hopes of millions in freedom and that the struggle will encompass all aspects of life and reach its peak.

Kongra Star also saluted the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the struggle against fascism and called on all democratic forces to step up and continue the struggle more than ever to achieve democracy, equality, and freedom of peoples.”

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