Hunger strikes actions concluded in Rojava

The hunger strikers in al-Jazeera and the Euphrates areas concluded the hunger strike and explained that they would continue the activities and struggle by all available means to realize the freedom of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

After the letter of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan on the activities of an open strike and ending the strike in Bakur Kurdistan and the Turkish prisons, the actions of the hunger strike in Rojava were also ended.

Where the hunger strike tent was set up at the level of al-Jazeera in the garden of 19 July in the neighborhood of Erbawiya in the city of Qamishlo on the 17th of May and the participants in the open strike in the city of Qamishlo also issued a statement.

The statement was read in the garden of July 19 in the presence of hundreds of participants in the strike, where it was read in Arabic by the administrative in Kongra Star in the city of Qamishlo and Moloda Ibrahim and in Kurdish language by the co-chair of the Martyrs Families Council in the city of Qamishlo Masum Hassan.

The statement marked the beginning of the resistance of hunger strikers and pointed out that it was the legacy of the martyrs, such as Kamal Ber and his comrades, who won and that the resistance of the strikers, which is unparalleled to break the isolation, won and proved that the crises of the Middle East cannot be solved and free life is achieved without Ocalan.

The statement said that the Turkish occupation state could not break the resistance. and that their campaign, which was launched under the slogan “We Will Break the Isolation and Defeat Fascism to Ensure the Democratic Nation” was aimed at supporting the hunger strikers and lasted 10 days with the participation of 740 people. “After the campaign has achieved its objectives, we announce the end of our actions, but our struggle for the liberation of Ocalan continues by all means.”

The event ended with slogans saluting the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, and the resistance of the strikers.

In the same context, Kongra Star in Kobanî concluded the activities of the sit-in tent in Kobanî in order to support the campaign of hunger strikers led by Leyla Guven. The last day included dozens of members of civil institutions and representatives of political parties and dozens of youth and mothers.

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