Women’s Council concluded forming a Coordinating Committee

The founding conference of the Women’s Council in North and East Syria, which began on Friday morning in the resort of Bilsan, ended with the formation of a 17-member Coordinating Committee and the final communiqué

Following the discussions on the report of the Preparatory Committee for the Women’s Council in North and East Syria, the draft rules of procedure of the Women’s Council in North and East Syria were read by the member of the Preparatory Committee for the conference, Siham Amuka. The amendments were made and then approved unanimously.

Afterwards, Koran Party and the Kurdistan Women’s Union presented honorary shields to Kongra Star for their initiative in holding this conference.

For its part, Kongra Star honored with Memorial Shield the delegations participating in the conference coming from Başûr Kurdistan, namely the Azadi Party, Koran Movement, the Kurdish Zaradashti Organization, the Tori Haubashi Party, the Rijak Movement and the independent activist Shirin Dori.

Then, coordinating committee for the Women’s Council established, and after the elections and the counting of votes, 17 members of the coordinators were elected, including “Georgette Yacoub, Abeer Hassaf, Lamia Khalo, Khawla Issa, Zuzan Mustafa, Stera Qasem, Najla Tamo, Duha Fatih, Nalin Rasho, Asia Abdullah, Jiyan Hussain, Siham Amuka, Mazkin Zidan, Nareen Matini, Buthaina Gilo, Berivan Hussein and Nasr Abaki.”

The founding conference of the Women’s Council in North and East Syria concluded by reading the final communiqué by the member of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference Stera Qasem, in which she said:

Under the banner of “Free Women’s Union Guarantees a Democratic Syria”, the founding conference of Women’s Council for North and East Syria was held on 14-6-2019, attended by 150 members representing women’s organizations, women’s organizations in political parties and civil society organizations and representatives of women’s councils in the north and east of Syria. The conference was attended by guests from women’s organizations in Syria, Eastern and Southern Kurdistan and female activists from European countries and the United States of America.

The conference began by welcoming the participants. After standing a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs, the opening speech was delivered by Mrs. Fawza Al Yousef on behalf of the preparatory committee of the conference and followed by other guests.

In most of the speeches, the importance of establishing the Women’s Council in the north and east of Syria was praised at this sensitive stage in which Syria and the region are going through. It is considered a historic step in the march of women’s revolution in northern and eastern Syria, which began eight years ago.

It was also stressed that this council will have a significant role in the process of democratization in our society, which we desperately need. The participants also stressed that this council will be a common platform for all women in northern and eastern Syria. Women will discuss their issues and ways of solving them with a common mind and will.

This Council will have two main tasks in the next phase. First: To preserve the gains of women and peoples by working hard to develop them as a culture and to achieve a constitutional guarantee for them in the future Syria. Second: To promote the awareness and ethics of freedom and the equal life shared by men and women in society through a common intellectual, social and political struggle.

The participants also asserted “as long as women continue to be killed, they subjected to violence, forcibly married and deprived of all their rights, we must organize our ranks and unite our energies so that no woman is deprived of the thought and morals of freedom and that no woman remains unorganized.

The Women’s Council Charter for North and East Syria was ratified. The 17-member Council Coordinating Committee was elected.

The conference ended with renewing pledge to all the symbols of freedom that sacrificed for the sake of living freely and peacefully by continuing to struggle with determination to achieve a life of justice, equality and dignity.

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