Kongra Star demands from world’s women to support them against Turkish threats

In order to denounce of the Turkish threats against the areas of north and east of Syria, large numbers of the residents in front of the municipality roundabout of Suluk district in Tel-Abyed had attended, and the statement was delivered by the co-chair of al-Hammam town council Shaha al-Assaf:

The text of the statement reads:

Syria and the region are experiencing exceptional circumstances and a fateful turn as the Turkish threats and military mobilization to occupy the north and east of Syria have intensified, and Afrin, Jarablus and al-Bab have been occupied amid international and regional silence and suspicious international deals to reorganize the terrorist Daesh to its new form after our forces fought bravely like SDF, YPG, and Asayiş forces fought on behalf of the whole world to liberate the land and the honor from the abomination of the monsters of humanity, where the women fought furiously against ISIS,  where the women during ISIS had severely suffered from their atrocities, and had been sold in slavery markets, and is assaulted without any human or religious deterrent, and wrapped in black from the top of the head to the soles of her feet as if they brought shame like their era drenched in injustice and darkness, and therefore we pledge to the martyrs who preceded us among them are Judy, Sarah, Avesta and Baren that we will follow their way and as we promise them we will not forget their pure blood that has watered our land so that we can live in safety and peace. We also send a letter of appeal to the United Nations and all the women of the world to stand with us and support our legitimate rights and demands and not to turn a blind eye to our great achievements and sacrifices for the sake of humanity and to rein of the Turkish state, and to stop it from its continued attempt to attack us and return us to years where we suffered oppression, humiliation and rape as what happened in Şengal province.

We are under the slogan `”the Land is Ours and we will Protect it, and Protection of the Land and the Honor and will Defeat New ISIS”, is supported by the Turkish state and we will always be ready to defend our land and our honor and sacrifice for this as we did in Şengal, Kobani, al-Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor.

The statement ended with chanting of the women’s resistance and struggle.



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