Women from Afrin support Kongra Star campaign against invasion

The Rojava Coordination of women’s movement Kongra Star launched a campaign on August 8 against the Turkish state’s invasion threats with the motto “Claim your land and honor, defeat DAESH and occupation”. Actions as part of the campaign have started on August 17 in response to Turkey’s threats to invade North and East Syria.

Women from Afrin gathered at the Serdem Camp in Ehdes district of Shehba and made a statement to the press announcing their participation and support for the Kongra Star campaign.

The statement, read by Afrin Yazidi Union Member Gule Cefer, said that; “We, as women from North and East Syria, announce that we will fight against the Turkish state’s threats and protect our land and honor against any and all attacks.”

The statement called on international institutions and authorities to fulfill their responsibilities against the Turkish state’s threats of invasion.

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