kongra star:Turkey attacks all aspects of the country.

Now, in Amed, Wan and Merdin cities in Turkey, peaceful and democratic Kurdish demonstrators
are under Aattack from the brutal and fascist Turkish regime. The regime are humiliating mothers
and old people, due to unsuccessful political and military plans against Rojava and North-West of
Syria, and failings of Erdogans ruling system in general. They want to break the free will of Kurds in North Kurdistan and generally.

In the last two days, the Turkish army and police have thrown gas grenades and used tear gas and
water cannons from tanks on the peaceful demonstrations .The Kurdish people in North Kurdistan
with their local representatives should continue the struggle and resistance against Erdogan's new strategies by using their pure political voice which has been selected in the last government election.Our way of assuming joint leadership, where men and woman are equal in duties and rights is
unacceptable to the Turkish regime. This unjust government involvement in the political life of the
Kurds denies basic human rights and will affect Kurdish leaders peace making abilities.

We as a political womens movement – Kongra Star – deplore the Fascist Turkish decision to change
the Kurdish representatives in the North of Kurdistan. It is against democracy, freedom and peace.
We deplore violence of any kind, but must always distinguish legitimate revolt against occupation.
Our responses are to continue the democratic and peaceful actions to reach a free society and
sisterhood relationship between all nations in the Mesopotamia land. Everyone should defend it and
live with dignity. We are issuing a call of action to all free people in the world to be a part of our
struggle and raise their voices against such oppression and deep inequity.

Once again, Kongra Star condemns the all attacks on the political institutions of the Kurdish
representatives and attempt to destroy the dictatorial control of the political Kurdish cause in the North part of Kurdistan. This movement is always pro-peace, democracy, and unity of all people against injustice. We condemn in the strongest terms those heinous acts of terrorism targeted against innocent civilians.

We applaud the efforts, will and resistance of our people in North Kurdistan, continue supporting, and
salute them. Our message to all unjust regimes is to achieve revolution, freedom and democracy.

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