Shammo: AKP’s practices against women in north Kurdistan is immoral

On the 19th of this month, hundreds of Kurdish people demonstrated against the authorities of the Justice and Development after the dismissal of the co-chairs of a number of municipalities in northern Kurdistan and the seizure of municipalities.

The Central Executive Council of the Democratic Peoples’ Party in a written statement that the takeover of the authorities of the Justice and Development Party of the municipalities of Amed and Mardin is a new political coup and a process hostile to the political will of the Kurdish people.

Protesting families, especially women, were subjected to repression and abuse by the AKP authorities, angering women’s organizations.

Kongra Star Coordination ‘s member in northern and eastern Syria, through our agency (ANHA) condemned these practices and said that the Turkish state “always shows itself as a just and democratic sovereign state, but what we see on the ground shows the methods of repression practiced by the authorities, especially against women and mothers, through violence and use Violence, detention and imprisonment. ”

She said that the Turkish state’s practices and the use of gas bombs, water and beatings with iron sticks on the protesters, aimed to “break their resistance, which they did not retreat, and chose their representatives with free will.”

‘What the Turkish authorities are doing is cowardly and immoral’

“What the AKP is doing against women is a cowardly and immoral act. These practices have also emerged against the resistance figure Leyla Guven and hundreds of women who have resisted Turkish fascism,” she said. This shows the fear of fascism against the resistance of Kurdish women who have not stopped for a moment to resist and defend their rights. ”

She concluded, she called on Human Rights Organizations to act on what is happening in north Kurdistan by the government of Justice and Development. And their positions should not be confined by statements, but must be accompanied by an actual movement to guarantee the rights of the people.

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