Woman In Damascus Joined Campaign againstTurkish Fascisim

The statement was delivered in front of the conference center in Zorava Neighborhood of the Syrian capital, Damascus, in the presence of dozens of women in the neighborhood.

“The structural crisis in the Middle East region, and the people of the region in general and Syria in particular, have been subjected to attacks aimed at its existence and entity, which has resulted in many crises, and increased by the fascist policies of the Turkish occupation state against the peoples of the region in general and the Kurds in particular.

The issue of women’s freedom is one of the fundamental issues that affect our societies, and it is still waiting for a solution, in addition to the problems of gender discrimination and gender intolerance that lead to the paralysis of society, because women are the basis for building a free and democratic society, and without attaining their freedom, society will not be liberated.

Women in northern and eastern Syria began to organize themselves within all spheres of life and resisted all kinds of violence by the authoritarian and tribal mentality that made them in the death cell, but women should not stop at this level but must increase their resistance and strengthen their will to complete their revolution, because there are a lot of women continue to suffer, be subjected to violence, murder and rape and fall victim to the customs, traditions and violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin.

As women, we must join hands and stand before the authoritarian mentality that nurtures gender discrimination and intellectual and societal development. On this basis, we call on all women to join the campaign launched by Kongra Star.”

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