Social Justice Committee’s women demand international Orgs to prevent Turkish’s threats

As part of the series of events launched by Kongra Star under the slogan “Protect your Soil and Dignity, End the Occupation and ISIS”, the Social Justice Committee and the Women’s House today issued a statement to the public.

Members of the Social Justice Committee, Women’s House and Kongra Star organization gathered in front of the Social Justice Committee building in Tal Susin village in al-Shahba canton. The statements were delivered by two languages, where it was delivered by Rukan Alo in Kurdish language and Rojen Sheikho in Arabic.

The text read:

“The Syrian events are close to a decade without substantial solutions on the ground by the international community, which suffered us in its meetings in Astana and Geneva nine years without putting an end to the occupiers of the Syrian territories, led by the Ottoman-Turkish Erdogan Brotherhood, not to buy what remnant of the Syrian lands. mention the objectives, motives and markets of the bazaars of the countries to buy. And the exchange of interests at the expense of the Syrian people who have become captive as a whole.”

The Syrian people have suffered a lot from the tragedies and now the interlocutors especially regional countries on the top Turkey in the agency’s role in militarizing the country first and interfering in its constitution and economy under the pretext of protecting their alleged national security, continually I lose hope in finding any solution offered by the Syrian people as well as what the international community offers to save the society. Instead of continuing to destroy ISIS and its cells, Turkey is trying to divert world attention from ISIS and others.

The statement added, “We stress that the continuation of silence on the acts, crimes and violations against the Syrians by the tyrant Erdogan would divide Syria land and people and this is what he really seeks.” Therefore, the responsibility of the international community lies in stopping the tide of the Ottoman-Erdogan Brotherhood in the Syrian lands, as well as the elimination of those who intervene in the matter and the Syrian issue.”

In conclusion, “We call on the international community and human rights and humanitarian organizations in the world to stand with us and support us to repel Turkish ambitions and threats to northern and eastern Syria. And establishing a platform for Syrian dialogue on democratic bases that guarantees the rights of all components of the Syrian people.”

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