Kobani’s women demonstrated against Turkish occupation

Tens of women of the people pf Serin District of Kobani canton demonstrated today rejecting the threats of the Turkish occupation against the region.

The demonstration organized within the campaign launched by Kongra Star, under the slogan, ” Save Your Territories and Your Dignity, and Defeat the Occupation” where the demonstrators raised the Kongra Star and the YPJ flags in addition to the photos of the leader Ocalan.

During the demonstration, the Kongra Star member, in the district Nehla Hassan delivered a speech asserting the united attitude of all the women against the Turkish occupation.

The member of the Kongra Star Coordination in Jalabiya district, Zolikha Nabil saluted the struggle of the women to protect their territories and dignity from the enemies.

In the framework of the campaign, the members of Kongra Star distributed brochures that define the campaign goals and its objectives.

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