Kongra Star Spokeswoman: Invaders deliberately attack women

The Turkish invasion of northern Syria is accompanied by inhumane war crimes. Selva Ehmed from Serêkaniyê says that the attacks of the occupying forces are deliberately directed against the women’s movement.

Selva Ehmed is the spokeswoman for the women’s umbrella organisation Kongra Star in Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain). Due to the Turkish invasion she had to leave the city like thousands of other people. She reports that massacres have been committed against the population and that women in particular have become the target of attacks:

“In Serêkaniyê a social peace has developed within the different ethnic groups – the Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and Armenians. We have worked together democratically. There was an atmosphere of fraternity of peoples and as a result of great efforts we went towards a democratic nation. All civil society institutions have worked together with their own colour and identity. Due to the attacks of Turkey, people had to leave Serêkaniyê and flee.

“This is a confiscation of free habitats”

The city had already been exposed to the constant threats of the Turkish state before 9 October when the Turkish army attacked our land from the air and with ground troops. Before that there had been attacks by jihadists who called themselves ‘Arteşa Azad’. Now these attacks are being continued by the Turkish state. This is the confiscation of free habitats. Turkey wants to change the demographic structure of the region. We do not accept that.

Erdoğan’s aim is to subject the peoples of the region to massacres and genocide. The attacks on Til Temir are also carried out within this framework. This policy of genocide will return to Erdoğan one day. Their intention is to revive the old Ottoman Empire and change the demography in all four parts of Kurdistan. We will never accept this policy and we will resist to the last drop of blood.

NATO attack on a small town

Serêkaniyê is a small town attacked by a NATO state. No international force opposes it. Only the will of our people stands against it and fights against the occupation. There is talk of human rights, but there is not enough support for human rights in the general public against the massacres that are being perpetrated against our people. The civilian population is murdered and chemical weapons are used, including against children. The international powers are silent on this. Human rights must also apply to the people of Serêkaniyê.”

Deliberate attacks on the women’s liberation movement

The attacks of the Turkish state are directed in particular against the free life of women. Kurdish politician Havrin Khalaf was a symbolic figure for the present and future of free women. The murder of her was an attack on the women’s liberation struggle. Another example is the murder of our friends who worked in the health service for the Kurdish Red Crescent (Heyva Sor a Kurd). These cruel attacks were filmed by the gangs of the Turkish occupying state. They display their own barbarity. These are deliberate attacks against the women’s liberation movement.

“Until the occupation is over”

One of the organized forces currently fighting for the freedom of the population and women in the war zones is the YPJ. The YPJ consists of the daughters of this people. The killing of Havrin Khalaf and Heyva Sor’s employees have the same goal as the attack on the YPJ fighter Çiçek Kobanê. They are all planned attacks. On the other hand, we will organize and fight even better until the occupation is over.”

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