Combating Violence against Women was subject of meetings in Manbij

The Kongra Star and women organizations continue holding a series of meetings to introduce the 25th November, the International Day of Combating Violence against Women.

As part of a series of meetings organized by the Women Council under the slogan “With Free Women’s Revolution, We Will build a Society Free of Violence” to introduce the International Day of Combating Violence against Women, the Council held two separate meetings in the burnt line southwest of Manbij and Abo Qalqal district southeast of the city, in which dozens of parents participated.

The meeting began with a minute of silence, followed by several speeches, including the speech of the administrative member of the Women Council Hala al-Hassen, which touched on the history of the Day of Combating Violence against Women, as well as the history of women’s struggle against all forms of violence and slavery.

The  member of the Center for Geology Studies, Yasmine al-Koujou, discussed the status of women in religions and the struggle of women for freedom and equality. She also addressed the forms of violence experienced by women in the society by the male community, in addition to talking about various problems faced Women in the society such as polygamy, underage marriages, and some social customs still practiced against women in the tribal society.

This was followed by a speech delivered by the spokesperson of the Women Council in Manbij and its countryside, Ibtisam Abdul Qader, who touched upon the role of women during the revolution in northern and eastern Syria, their contribution to achieving security and their prominent role in defeating the terrorism of ISIS mercenaries.

Ibtisam Abdul Qader also pointed to what women exposed to; massacres and killings at the hands of the Turkish army and mercenaries, as happened to the martyr Hevrin Khalaf and other women activists.

In her speech, Ibtisam stressed that they had sought to reach a society free from violence and would have overcome all conspiracies and all forms of violence. She called for raising awareness and educating the community to contribute to the elimination of violence against women.

It is suggested that holding the meetings will continue in the coming days by the city and villages’ Women Council.

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