Women’s workshop in Qamishlo: Silence kills!

Activities to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November, have begun in Northern and Eastern Syria.

A workshop under the motto “Silence kills” is taking place in the Qamishlo city today. Organised by the Women’s Coordination of the Autonomous Administration in the Cizire region, the workshop discusses ways and means of curbing violence against women and girls.

Emine Omar, co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) also takes part in the workshop as well as women lawyers and representatives of human rights organisations.

Rûken Ehmed welcomed the participants on behalf of the Women’s Committee of the Cizire region and said: “Currently all international forces and especially Turkey with its mercenaries are attacking our projects. They are afraid that the experiences made in Northern and Eastern Syria will spread to Turkey and other areas. The invasion of the Turkish state, which began on 9 October, is intended to destroy the will of the people and in particular the will of free women. That is why politician Havrin Khalaf was brutally murdered and the bodies of YPJ fighters desecrated. Women are the basis of a democratic society”.

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