Kongra Star dedicates 25 November to three revolutionary women

Kongra Star has issued e a statement about the activities to be carried out to mark the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women.

Kongra Star said in the statement that the activities, to be carried out between 25 November an 10 December to three women, Amara from YPJ, woman politician Hevrin Xelef and mother Aqide, who devoted their lives and actions to women.

The statement recalled that “on 12 October 2019, the Secretary General of the Syrian Future Party, Hevrîn Xalef, was executed along with eight other people, and her body tortured. Hevrîn Xelef, one of the political pioneers of the women’s revolution, was fighting for the democratic unity and honorable peace for the people under the leadership of women in Raqqa, the city ISIS turned into its capital. On 14 October mother Aqide, a member of the Women Justice Council, set out for Serêkaniê to defend her land against the invading forces. Turkey hit the convoy of cars in which she was traveling and she lost her life. YPJ fighter Amara was the successor of thousands of comrades who had previously defeated ISIS. On 21 October, she fell martyr fighting against ISIS.”

The statement ended by calling “on all women of the world to widen the struggle until the reign of Erdoğan and all the dictatorships are defeated by protecting the memory of these three brave women.”


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