Nesrin Abdullah: YPJ realizes women’s dream of freedom

YPJ spokesperson Nesrin Abdullah said that YPJ is now the defensive power of women all over the world with thousands of fighters. ‘’They fight not only for Kurdish women but for all the women in the world. YPJ does not recognize borders to liberate women. ”
‘YPJ is not just a defense force’
Noting that YPJ should not only be considered as a defensive force, Nesrin said, “YPJ has different dimensions. There are defenses, philosophical and political dimensions. It didn’t just fight on one front. It fought on many fronts. It worked on the psychological, spiritual and intellectual aspects of women. The reason for the success of all women’s moral values is that they successfully organized themselves on all fronts. ”
‘Women’s dream of freedom comes true’
Nesrin, who determined that women rely more on each other thanks to YPJ, underlined that: ‘’Not only Kurdish women participate in the YPJ, but also Arab, Syriac, Assyrian, Armenian and Yazidi women. YPJ realized women’s dream of freedom. YPJ became women’s army that became universal in time. The whole world is fascinated by YPJ.”
People said ‘’I am the revolution ’’
 “The war is still going on. We’re still in a legitimate defense phase. We understood how strong we are with our resistance. In response to the attacks on our lands, our people said ‘I am the revolution’. This attitude of the public shows the level of our success.’’
‘Dayê Hefo created both, a revolution and a new culture’
‘’The position of women in the ceremonies is revolutionizing. I salute Yadê Hefo and Yadê Suad. I salute Yadê Eqîde’s stance. The more we see this kind of mothers, the more our moral rises. We never look back. Dayê Hefo created both a revolution and a new culture. Yadê Suad said that she will follow the idea of her daughter Hevrîn. Yadê Eqîde had children and went to Serêkaniyê without looking back. This is a great honor for us. It’s not enough to call those mothers revolutionists. They have immortal souls. As YPJ, we are part of the mothers who are representatives of this immortal soul.”
‘Amara preferred resistance rather than surrender’
Nesrin also made evaluations regarding the massacre of Amara Rênas. She said “Great heroes emerged in YPJ. We are not the kind of women who surrenders. Amara showed how women resisted surrender until their last breath. Amara was one of the warriors who wanted to liberate the land and women.’’
‘We have to fight against violence every day’
 ‘’Men can do anything for power and money. They can kill women, children or the nature. Women shouldn’t just fight for themselves. They must fight to create a better world. Mothers such as Yadê Suad and Yade Hefo made great sacrifices for their country. Women of the world should consider them an example. Like Yadê Eqîde, they are bound to participate in the revolution with all their existence. Nothing other than women’s freedom should be accepted. ”
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