Women’s Foundation in Rojava expands its field of activity

Five years ago the women’s foundation WJAR was founded in Rojava. Now the name has been changed and the field of activity has been extended to the whole of northern and eastern Syria.

The Foundation of Free Women in Rojava (WJAR) has expanded its field of activity and renamed itself. The foundation announced this today at a press conference in Qamishlo. As the Syrian Free Women’s Foundation, the organization, which was founded in 2015, wants to work in the whole of northern and eastern Syria in the future.

On behalf of the foundation, Şîlan El Bilo pointed out at the press conference the numerous projects that have strengthened the role of women in the social, economic, cultural and health sectors: “With our work to support women in all areas of life, which has been ongoing for five years, our employees have proven that free women are the foundation of a free society.”

The foundation has so far established three health stations, eleven kindergartens and orphanages, an office for women’s affairs and a music academy. Thousands of women have benefited from the educational opportunities offered by the Foundation.

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