Jinology Research Center held series of awareness meetings in Euphrates region

The meeting held at the invitation of the Jinology Research Center in the Euphrates region was attended by dozens of villagers located to the west of Kobanê city.

After holding a minute of silence, the director of the Jinology Research Center in the Euphrates region Derok Kahraman spoke about the social situation in the region, especially in terms of women, the problems they suffer from within the tribal society, coexistence between the past and the present, and how to remove the problems that the family suffers from.

This was followed by an exchange of opinions among the participants on the negative and positive aspects of the social development that the residents of the region have reached, and they also praised the great role of the leader Abdullah Ocalan’s thought, who helped women to reach their freedom.

Among the topics that were discussed was the issue of the increase in divorce cases in the city and its villages, in addition to the phenomenon of marrying the underage girls, and the negative repercussions of this phenomenon.

The audience also discussed the misunderstanding of the concept of freedom for some women, which led to the emergence of the phenomenon of neglecting the family and household responsibilities.

The participants unanimously agreed that women must understand all the social developments and take advantage of the available opportunities in a sound way to enhance their rights and freedom.

The Jinology Research Center in the Euphrates region is scheduled to organize a series of meetings in Kobanê city and its countryside in addition to Sareen district, in conjunction with the distribution of awareness-rising brochures on the mentioned phenomena.

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