Women play leading role in Kobane

Under the slogan “Our struggle is freedom and our resistance is a victory”, thousands of women in Kobane celebrated the International Women’s Day in The Free Women’s Square with a wide participation from the women of the Euphrates region.

 The ceremonial square was decorated with flags, pictures of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and a number of female activists as well as the flags of the Kongra Star.

During the ceremony, the spokeswoman of Kongra Star, Zahra Barkel congratulated the struggling Kurdish and world women on the International Women’s Day.

“From here from the Free Women’s Square and Kobane, the city of resistance, we bless free women all over the world, and remember the martyrs of freedom and resistance to the liberation of women,” she said.

 “We were having a strong resistance in the face of the terrorist organization ISIS in all the cities of northeastern Syria and other terrorist factions, and today this resistance continues against the terrorist Turkish state, which has been proven in the person of the martyr Hevrin Khalaf that is targeting women above all.”

Zahra addressed her salute to every woman who resisted and stood against the terrorism and fought for her freedom. she stressed that “women have been able to play a leading and militant role in all fields in northern and eastern Syria.”

 “Women continue to live in injustice every day around the world. While women here are resisting to free all the women from the radical restrictions, women have reached their struggles and stood on their feet and returned to their truth. Today we live this essence by proving themselves in the war and peace.

“We welcome all the militants and participants on this day when we say yes to freedom, yes to the will, yes to breaking the shackles of the dark ages,”  The Co-Chair of Gire Spi /Tel Abyad Council, Haven Ismail said.

“On behalf of the occupied Gire Spi canton, we say: The occupier Turkish state has displaced women and children before men because they are afraid of us,” she said.

The co- chair of the Executive Council of the Euphrates Region, Lamis Al-Abdullah, and the administrative director of the Women’s Family of Kobane Fariaz Mesto, then spoke about the gains of the women in northern and eastern Syria in various fields.

They stressed that all that had been achieved was the result of the struggle and sacrifices made by women during the years of the Syrian war.

The International Women’s Day ended with the Golden Crescent artistic performances performing musical, theatrical and dance performances.

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