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Fighting for freedom!

The feminist campaign #WomenDefendRojava has published the poem “What is freedom?” as a video and sends greetings to all freedom fighters.

The international campaign ‘Women Defend Rojava‘, which was founded last year, has published the poem “What is Freedom?” as a video with footage from women’s struggles worldwide. In the accompanying text the campaign writes:

“Worldwide we can observe the growing and strengthening resistance of feminist struggle. Especially in times like these, when patriarchal violence is on the rise, it is even more important to organise ourselves together, to defend ourselves and to express our struggle for freedom.

With this wonderful poem about “What is freedom?” we send solidarity greetings to all freedom fighters and women with whom we fight together on the basis of our common struggle with its many different colours and forms.”

What is freedom?

Freedom for me is an abstract term.
It’s something which is called because there is no freedom.
Against oppression and enslavement, the concept of freedom was created
Freedom is a combat term against everything that keeps us in chains.

Freedom is love
When we speak of freedom, everything that is love is contained in it.
Love is nothing of what I was taught to love
or what love was written on.

Love is…
and I met it.
Love is something that we have to create from scratch
and is in all that gives us strength along the way.

who fight for freedom
and died for freedom
are warriors of love.

Truth is love,
Love is a free life.

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