March in Qamishlo against Turkish fascism

Thousands of women in al-Jazeera Region marched in protest against the attack by the Turkish occupation authorities on the women of the white scarf protesting in front of the Turkish prisons in solidarity with their children and daughters who are political prisoners and on hunger strike in the prisons of the Turkish occupation.

Hundreds of mothers of political prisoners on hunger strike in the Turkish occupation prisons have gathered peacefully in a number of places in the capital Ankara and Istanbul to highlight the strike campaigns in the prisons where their sons participate, but the Turkish authorities intervened in a repressive manner and beat the mothers brutally.

Today, in condemnation of the repressive Turkish policies of the mothers of the hunger strikers, thousands of women from al-Jazeera region gathered in al-Entariya, neighborhood in the city of Qamishlo of all components raising the photos of Leyla Guven and the Kurdish leader Abdullah, Nasser Yagz and the political prisoners on hunger strike in the prisons of the Turkish occupation, condemning the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan and Turkey’s repressive policies towards the Kurdish people.

The women also carried pictures of the mothers of political detainees (women of the white scarf) who were assaulted during their sit-in in front of Turkish detention centers.

The women stopped next to the Sony Roundabout in Central Market in the city of Qamishlo. After a minute of silence, the Autonomous Administration adviser in al-Jazeera, Mezgin Ahmed, said that the Turkish occupation was afraid of everything from any activity within Turkey.

Mezgin Ahmed pointed out that the mothers of the detainees had been detained in front of the Turkish prisons in support of the struggle of their sons and daughters.

“Mother is peace, woman is freedom, so the occupation fears Kurdish women,” she said.

Moreover, the march ended with the confirmation of women in al-Jazeera region supporting the mothers of the white scarf.



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