Dalia Hanan: Isolation must be ended to stop massacres

A member of Kongra Star Coordination in Rojava Dalia Hanan pointed out that in order to block the massacres, the strikers’ demands must be heard and the isolation must be ended.

To end the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, hunger strikes continue in Kurdistan, Turkey and the world, and increase day by day, as the growing concerns about the health situation of the hunger strikers, where the strike of Leila Guven entered day 191, Nasser Yagiz day The 178, in addition to the entry of a number of hunger strikers.

On these strikes, our agency(ANHA) met with a member of Kongra Star’s Coordination in Rojava Dalia Hanan.

Leyla Guven’s strike is a guide to the unity of women in the Middle East

Dalia Hanan pointed out at the beginning of her speech that the ongoing open hunger strikes by Leyla Guven was the reason why the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, met with his lawyer and family and noted that the great resistance of Leyla Guven was the cause of significant changes in the march and struggle of women. Guven awakened the peoples of the Middle East, and this struggle is a continuation of the project leader Ocalan for the freedom of women, this project, which wins day after day.

Dalia Hanan has made it clear that throughout history, the most dangerous stages have been changed through the struggle of women, Leyla Guven has responded to the enemy’s schemes that target free will.

Violations against mothers of the white scarf are unacceptable

Dalia Hanan explained that the Turkish occupation state always targets the woman’s will, adding “The Turkish occupation state targets the people and the woman, the attack on the mothers of the white scarf is the result of the non-acceptance of women’s will and the targeting of peace, the pressure exerted on the mothers is unacceptable, their children face death day after day, no one can prevent mothers from sit-in, through these activities we will reach freedom, no matter how the Turkish state tries to suppress peace, we will step up our struggle.”

Isolation must be ended to block the massacres

Dalia Hanan, concluded by saying that the situation of the hunger strikers is the responsibility of the humanitarian institutions adding, “The international countries have become a partner in the barbarity of the Turkish state. The practices of the Turkish occupation state against the four parts of Kurdistan are violations of the laws.”

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