Hunger strike in Qamishlo started

Kongra Star and Qamishlo canton’s council set up a tent for the hunger strike, in which the residents of the canton will participate. On the first day, 154 people have joined in supporting the hunger strikers and detainees in the prisons of the Turkish occupation.

Today, Kongra Star and Qamishlo Council began a hunger strike at July 19 Partk in the Arbouia district of the city of Qamishlo in solidarity with the hunger strikers who have been for months going on in the Turkish occupation prisons, denouncing the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Within the tent, pictures of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and struggler Leyla Guven who has been going on hunger strike since 191 days, the hunger strikers, and flags of Kongra Star and the Martyrs’ Families Council were hung.

On the first day, 154 people joined the hunger strike wearing white shirts with pictures of leader Ocalan on.

Before the start of the strike, hunger strikers and dozens of residents of the town of Qamishlo stood a minute of silence in the courtyard of July 19 Park. Then the administrator in Kongra Star Adalat Omar gave a speech, she said: “Today, hundreds of residents of Qamishlo canton will march on the line of struggler Leyla Guven and all hunger strikers.

“We will triumph, and follow the path of Leyla Guven until the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, is lifted and our people know the danger of this isolation,” Omar said.

Omar explained that the Turkish state, through its dirty policies, is trying to control the will of the Kurdish people. “We will never allow this,” she said.

An agenda has been set for strikers where a lecture about the truth of the leader and the resisting people is scheduled to be given, receiving delegations, as well as cultural events and showing documentary films.



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